Need a Cure for Eczema? 5 Natural Choices

cure for eczema

Did you know roughly 31.6 million Americans suffer from eczema? Know that if you’re one of them, you’re not alone.

Eczema is a common skin disorder. As the National Eczema Association points out, common symptoms include:

  • Dry, sensitive skin
  • Red, inflamed skin
  • Itching
  • Dark-colored skin patches
  • Skin has a rough/leathery/scaly patches
  • Oozing and/or crusting
  • Swelling

That being said, eczema is a very manageable disorder. And, using the right diet and skin care products, there is a cure for eczema symptoms.

This article will go into detail on five of them.

1. Diet is key cure for eczema

Eczema may be triggered from having a food allergy. So, it’s best to have an eczema diet. According to Wellness Mama, drink bone broth and eat healthy fats; also, remove gluten (found in wheat) and casein (found in dairy).

Plus, refrain from eating processed foods. A good rule of thumb to follow is if the food wasn’t once alive, don’t eat it. So, eat meat, fruits, vegetables, and gluten-free grains, not preservatives.

2. Cure oozing and crusting with a homemade salt spray

This homemade salt spray dries oozing and crusting up. Use it as needed. Make sure you use distilled or boiled water. Not just your regular tap water.

3. Aloe vera is your best friend

Aloe vera carries powerful anti-inflammatory properties. According to this article, it has many healing compounds and soothes itchy skin.

You can buy aloe vera at the grocery store, grow your own plant, or buy an aloe vera gel from your favorite organic skincare store.

4. Take a fatty acid supplement daily

Unfortunately, your eczema could be linked to a poor fatty acid diet. In which case, you need to start taking a fatty acid supplement daily to boost your diet up.

Fatty acids decrease inflammation, a common eczema symptom. Plus, it helps with the dryness. When skin isn’t dry, it won’t be that itchy.

There are several fatty acid supplements you can choose from: fish oil and flaxseed oil are some of the most popular.

Know that you may not see instant results within the first week of taking them. It does take time. So, be patient.

5. Go through your detergents and fabric softeners

Your eczema could be triggered by a chemical in your detergent or fabric softener. Go through them to rule it out. If your detergent and fabric softener has toxic chemicals in them, it’s best to play it safe and switch them out for natural ones.

While you’re at it, go through your cleaning products too. As eczema could be triggered from a household product accidentally getting on your skin. Again, you’ll want to change out the unnatural, toxic products for natural substitutes.

Bonus: Skincare

Your skincare products could be the cure for eczema. Or they could be triggering it. Sift through your products, dispose of products with heavy fragrances, especially mint.

Though it gives off a tingly sensation, mint irritates the skin.

And, when it comes to eczema, a simple skincare routine is beneficial.

Want more information about a cure for eczema? Also, want to learn about the amazing benefits of vitamin D? Visit our blog!

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