CrossFit vs Boot camp vs TRX: Which Is Best For Your Fitness Level?

CrossFit vs Boot camp, the debate rages on

It can be intimidating to people who have never exercised to step foot into a gym. And, it can be even more intimidating to do exercises that they’ve never heard – CrossFit, TRX, Boot camp, etc. What is a person to do?

First off, if you want to get healthy and fit, you need to stop being intimidated by what you don’t know and understand. This means doing some research into the different exercise programs. It also means you look at the different gyms in your area to find one that understands your frustration and apprehensiveness. Don’t focus too much on the CrossFit vs Bootcamp debate when you’re just starting out. You may find out that neither approach suits you.

Secondly, you need to realize that everyone has been in your shoes at the beginning. Even those folks who make exercise look easy had to start somewhere. So don’t go into it thinking you’re the oddball.

There are so many things that you can to ensure your health is in tip-top shape. It’s just all a matter of finding a program that you like and can stick with.

Read on if you want to learn what the CrossFit vs Boot camp debate is all about.

A Glancing History Of and Premise Behind The CrossFit, TRX Suspension Training and Fitness Boot Camps Programs

History Of and Premise Behind CrossFit

Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, founded CrossFit. Glassman wanted to be stronger, like most people. He lifted barbells and dumbbells and would go cycling with his friends. He found people who could best him in one area but not all areas, which is how he came up with the program. CrossFit is regarded as the master of none but is a jack of all trades. The premise behind CrossFit is to attain specialized abilities and fitness that corresponds to one certain set of movements. In basic terms, it’s to be physically prepared.

And, in 1995, the first gym to associate with the CrossFit program opened in Santa Cruz. The number of gyms incorporating it into their service has skyrocketed significantly – 18 in 2005 to nearly 1,700 in 2010. And, the number is sure to have grown since then.

What is CrossFit? For those that have never heard of it or have heard of it but never really wondered what it was, CrossFit uses a number of different exercises that encourages broad and basic overall physical fitness that’s often seen in gymnastics, sprinting and weightlifting.

CrossFit was designed to meet numerous physical characteristics like accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, stamina and strength. Besides all the physical characteristics that make it such a worthwhile fitness regimen, it allows people who train to think outside the box and come up with other creative exercises.

CrossFit’s emphasis is heavy on certain weights, movements, and distances over specific times, which leads to a clear measurement of one’s performance.

History Of and Premise Behind Fitness Boot Camps

It’s important to understand that the idea of a fitness boot camp hasn’t been around all that long, but that their popularity has certainly seen a rather significant increase. After all, people, in an effort to get healthy and fit, will join a fitness boot camp, which is often taught by former military personnel, personal trainers and gyms.

Fitness boot camps are based off the military boot camps military personnel must undergo when joining the armed services. It is a rigorous, grueling training program that gets your body into shape quickly. Now, most fitness boot camps tend to take place outside, although not all do.

Fitness boot camps incorporate a number of exercises, starting off with some running and dynamic stretching. This is followed by a wide array of interval training such as pushups/sit-ups, lifting weights, intensive routines, etc. The sessions typically end with a little yoga stretching.

Now, these fitness boot camp exercises are similar to what you see and do in CrossFit routines. The reason is that the goal is the same: decrease body fat, increase strength and cardiovascular efficiency and assist people in getting regular exercise.

Fitness boot camps were put together to encourage each other to go the extra distance in their weight loss and fitness efforts. Everybody can work at their own pace and/or work together, encouraging one another to keep going.

Many of the fitness boot camp programs also provide people with nutrition advice.

Fitness boot camps are ideal for people who are bored by the setting of a gym and/or have a hard time staying focus on the exercise habit.

History Of and Premise Behind TRX

CrossFit vs Boot camp vs TRX Relatively new to the exercise scene, TRX was created by Randy Hetrick, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, who looked for ways to stay in the best physical condition with very limited access to space or training tools. What began as parachute webbing has grown to a full-fledged, on-the-go training system that’s both user-friendly and cost-effective. You can look at it has a gym in a bag with a harness system you can take with you everywhere. That’s right!

If you’re on vacation and want to work out, you don’t have to partake in the hotel’s gym center or go running the block. Just start the TRX suspension training exercises to get in your workout time. You can do the hundreds of exercises that will strengthen and stabilize your body.

The harness system will use your body weight in strength training. With each body adjustment, you can increase or decrease the difficulty level of exercises. Therefore, any person, regardless of their fitness level, can use TRX suspension training.

How Feasible Is It To Recreate A Home Gym: Is It Cost-Effective Or Is A Gym Membership Better?

When it comes to exercising, the gym isn’t for everybody. They can be a little intimidating – okay, very intimidating, especially if you’ve never stepped into the gym before. If you’ve decided that you wanted to try the CrossFit, Fitness Boot Camp or TRX program, you may be wondering if these programs are better in a gym or if they can be done in your home.

What’s Better: CrossFit In The Home Or Gym

When you’re talking about CrossFit exercise, you need to understand that it takes equipment “you” must purchase to carry out this type of training. Yes, you can do it with very little equipment but the diversity is going to be limited. The diversity of an at-home CrossFit program is going to be based on the amount of money you have to spend as well as the available space in the home.

There are four general angles in CrossFit:

  • Aerobic/Endurance through rowing, swimming or running
  • Gymnastic movements
  • Olympic lifting
  • Random conditioning and strength element

Keep in mind that you need specific equipment to carry out CrossFit exercises, and while your local gym makes it look inexpensive, the purchase of kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells are extremely costly.

There is a drawback to doing CrossFit in the home compared to the gym. At the gym, you’re motivated to do the workouts – people encouraging you on to get the job done and you’re timed to get the workouts in. Plus, you get guidance on how to properly do each exercise.

At home, however, it can be tough to go through different movements, and you may even make excuses on why you cannot do certain ones or increase the intensity, etc. You may lack the motivation necessary to do the exercise program. On top of that, you won’t get the help you need to properly do each exercise, which can increase your chances for injury.

Yes, it’s more cost-effective to have an at-home gym should you have the space. However, if you’re really serious about getting into shape and healthy, you don’t want to skimp out. Be sure you carefully weigh the positive and negative aspects. If you know you’re not very motivated, suck it up and pony the cash for a gym to get the instruction and motivation you need.

What’s Better: TRX In The Home Or Gym?

Believe it or not, TRX Suspension doesn’t have to be done in a gym. In fact, it has everything you need for a home gym. It will work your arms, back, core and legs and is the best option if you want to work out at home instead of the gym. If you’re looking for affordability, TRX Suspension has it.

The TRX Suspension program involved squats, lunges, upper body movements, push-ups, pull-ups and more. Basically, it’s everything you could do in a gym without the price you pay to go to the gym.

If you’re worried about costs, TRX is advantageous because you don’t always need to change weights after each exercise, meaning you don’t need to purchase heavier dumbbells or plates to get the increase in strength training.

It literally incorporates hundreds of different exercises, which you can do in your own home or on vacation.

What’s Better: Fitness Boot Camps In The Home Or Gym?

As you see TRX is something that can easily be done in your home. Therefore, you don’t have to spend money on a gym membership. But, what about Fitness Boot Camps? Is it the kind of exercise that you can easily do at home?

Well, that really depends on you! The style of Fitness Boot Camps will depend largely on the teacher. If you do it at home, you can choose when to do the boot camp and what kind – interval training, obstacle course, hiking, running, etc. – as well as strength training of some type – dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise bands, etc.

Of course, you’ll need to purchase some of the equipment and be self-motivated to do the program. Keep in mind that there’s not a lot of equipment you need to buy but you will have to if you decide to go it alone…without a group.

However, fitness boot camps that involve other people and a trainer tend to be better for a number of reasons:

  • It’s often offered at least two to three times a week all year long
  • They often offered for certain periods of time
  • Payment can be done on a workout basis, monthly, weekly or whatever
  • They can challenge the body and mind

People who participate in group fitness boot camps tend to be helped in other areas of their lives.

Now, you may be wondering should you join a fitness boot camp. Here’s a little helpful advice: if you have never exercised, haven’t been exercising very long or have health problems, it may be a good idea to hold off. You may want to jump into it head-on but you’d open yourself up to injuries that way. Build up to joining the program and go from there.

CrossFit vs Boot camp, debate settled?

Hopefully, this summary helps you choose the best program for you. Fortunately, you really can’t go wrong as all three programs have a track record of proven success. It’s mostly a matter of which style you will enjoy the most and will have the motivation to continue. Even so, the debate of CrossFit vs Boot camp will go on. Go here for more great health and fitness articles.

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