5 Healthy Fruit Snacks (Hint: Dried Isn’t One of Them)

healthy fruit snacksHealthy fruit snacks make for a tasty treat.  But not all fruit treats are created equal, and some aren’t even healthy. For example, some fruit juices have up to a whopping 58 grams of sugar!

Not to fear, though! We’re here to present you with five tasty snacks that pack quite the nutritional punch.

Let’s get into it!

Healthy Fruit Snacks That Taste Great

Frozen Chocolate-Covered Fruit Pops

Summertime got you sweating? We have something better than a sugary scoop of ice cream.

This simple recipe calls for only two ingredients: fruit and dark chocolate, both of which offer a variety of nutrients. 

Here’s what you do: Insert a popsicle stick (or toothpick for smaller fruits) at the end of each fruit. Melt dark chocolate chips over a double boiler and then cool to room temperature. Feel free to add a teaspoon of coconut oil for more intense flavoring. Dip each piece of fruit into the chocolate mixture (it will harden).

Freeze overnight. So easy and so yum.

Our favorite choices? Bananas, strawberries, cherries, apple slices, and kiwis. Makes for one of the best healthy fruit snacks out there.

Sweet & Spicy Fruit Salad

This is fruit salad like you’ve never had it before! Grab your favorite assortment of fresh berries, melons, and mango.

Upgrade your usual fruit salad mix with a few special ingredients: chile powder and squeezed lemon juice. Enjoy the kick!

Banana Ice Cream 

Still craving ice cream? We hear you, and we’ve got you covered. This frozen treat literally requires one ingredient: bananas.

Simply peel 4-5 medium-sized bananas (we recommend using ripe ones, as they tend to be sweeter in taste), let them sit in the freezer until solid, and process them in a food processor until the puree is smooth.

Bam! Ice cream treat.

Add some peanut butter or diced fruit for some extra flavoring and crunch.

Watermelon Cheese Skewers

If you’re in the mood to nosh on something fancy or you want something healthy to bring to your next party, we have the treat for you. You don’t have to look any further than your favorite summer melon.

Here’s what you need to do: stack each skewer with a watermelon chunk, thinly sliced piece of mint, and a block of feta cheese. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Enjoy!

Tropical Salsa

If you think salsa is just about tomatoes and jalapenos, you’re wrong. In fact, adding a sweet twist to a savory base makes for an awesome snack. In addition to your cubed tomatoes, throw in some mangos and pineapple. What’s even better? The combination of fruits and vegetables adds even more nutrients and vitamins.

What’s even better? The combination of fruits and vegetables adds even more nutrients and vitamins.

Feel free to dunk your favorite chip in. For a healthier option, try out celery or carrot sticks.

Final Thoughts

Eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly is important for maintaining your mental well-being and physical health.

What’s your favorite healthy fruit snack? We want to hear! Comment with the recipe below.